My rate structure is designed for simplicity.  There are two types of sessions that tend to be aligned with the types of photos we’re taking.

For kids and families, the optimal session length is about an hour, mostly because we start to max out on subjects’ patience levels when we go longer.  This session is $325.

For Seniors, the optimal session length is a little longer due to multiple locations and outfits.  These sessions tend to run about 2 hours from the time we start until the time we’re done and cost $425.

For any type of session, you will be given two links in an online gallery; one to be used for printing and another for sharing on screens.  The images you get will be fully edited, full res and will be yours to keep and share in any way you wish.  No need to painfully select the “keepers” here.

Photos will be shot on location in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area.  You will find the finished product is so much better when the session happens in your natural environment at a place your subject already feels most comfortable.  However, if you have your heart set on a studio session, I can accommodate that too.  Additional charges will apply.

Although prints are not included in the above prices, I have recommendations on printers that will do your photos justice.  And if you would just rather have me make your prints, I can do that too.  There will be a nominal fee to process the files ($25) and the cost of the printing, all to arrive at your doorstep.

If you wish to document do more than your child, family or senior, get in touch and we’ll work out a solution.