Their Spirit, My Privilege

It happened.  To me.  Something I never thought I would become has snuck up on me and given my mini-van purpose.

I have become a Sports Mom.

Please know, I have nothing against other sports moms, even prior to my recent transformation.  I just had visions of my child-filled evenings full of spontaneous mini adventures and spur of the moment water fights.

Naturally, as any photographer sitting in the rain, sleet, snow, glaring sun, or blistering heat would, I decided to make lemonade and seize that photographic opportunity.  And so I did.  And that’s when the transformation to Sports Mom no longer had a hint of bitterness to it.  Because what I saw on the other side of my lens was the epitome of girl power.  And that’s really what this post is all about.

Look at these girls.  They wear goggles whose design was borrowed by 1980 orthodontic head gear.  They wear mouth guards that make their lips protrude.  To properly defend their goal, they scream in the opposing girls’ faces.  They’re 12 and they’re powerful and they’re learning the lessons that this Sports Mom had always hoped 12 year old girls would learn.  And they’re wonderful.

The team worked together to learn the ins and outs of the (highly complicated) game, cheered each other on and helped build each other up, they listened to and respected their coach who embodies girl power, and they not only prevailed, but they excelled with grace and joy.  I sit on the sidelines so proud not only of their athletic achievements but of the strong and confident women they are becoming.  Take a look for yourselves.

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